Dining in Hong Kong


Despite covering a rather small area, Hong Kong has no shortage of restaurants and dining opportunities. As an international city of commerce and trade, it features cuisines from around the world, but there are many delicious local delicacies as well.

One of the most famous Cantonese meals is dim sum, which means “touch your heart.” Typically eaten as breakfast or lunch, dim sum involves a variety of small dishes meant for sharing. The most popular include “haa gau” (shrimp dumplings), “siu mai” (shrimp and pork dumplings) and “cha siu bao” (barbequed pork buns).


In the winter, though the weather is not usually too cold, Hong Kong people like to go for hot pot. At a hot pot restaurant, diners cook their own meat, vegetables and noodles in a pot of stock or soup base at their table. This makes for both an entertaining and warming experience.

Other popular types of restaurants in Hong Kong include dai pai dongs, which often comprise open-air stalls along a small street, and cha chaan tengs, local diners where a unique mix of Chinese and Western cuisine is available. Hong Kong is also known for its street food, including curry fish balls, stinky tofu and crispy egg puffs.