Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year Celebrations



The APAO 2018 Congress will be held just 1 week before the start of the Lunar New Year, and festival preparations will be well underway all around Hong Kong for Congress delegates to see and experience.

In the time leading up to the Lunar New Year, apartment buildings and businesses in the city will put up festive decorations including red lanterns and intricate paper cuttings. Many doorways will also be adorned with New Year couplets written on red paper, as well as colorful kumquat trees.

Temporary flower markets showcasing beautiful orchids, plum blossoms and more will be set up in locations such as Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Traditional decorations and snacks, including melon seeds and candies, will also be for sale and make for unique souvenirs.

Travel Tip: The traditional Cantonese greeting during the New Year is “gung hei fat choi.” Say this to a local and you just might get a red packet with lucky money inside in return!


For more information about Lunar New Year celebrations in Hong Kong, please visit the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website.