Markets in Hong Kong


For shopping enthusiasts, Hong Kong is truly a paradise, with countless shopping malls and designer boutiques. The city is also home to several computer centers offering all types of electronic goods. Hong Kong’s many street markets offer visitors another unique shopping experience. 

For clothes, accessories and souvenirs, check out Stanley Market in the Southern District or Ladies’ Market in Mong Kok in the afternoon. Similar items can be found at Temple Street Night Market in Jordan, which opens later in the day, though it also features popular outdoor restaurants, Chinese fortune tellers and karaoke. 

Located near Temple Street is the Jade Market, two buildings that are home to countless stalls selling jade, pearls and many other types of semi-precious stones. Shoppers can also find mahjong sets, chess boards and cloisonné trinkets for sale here. 

The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden and the Flower Market are both located in Prince Edward. Although they sell items mainly for residents rather than tourists, they are both worth a visit. With beautiful tropical flowers of many varieties and birds of all kinds, these markets have a wonderful atmosphere of unique sights and sounds.  

No matter where you choose to shop in Hong Kong, don’t forget to bring along some Hong Kong dollars, though Chinese renminbi may be accepted at some locations. And when shopping in the markets, don’t forget to bargain with the vendors to get a better price!