Meet the Co-Hosts of APAO 2018

This year, the annual APAO Congress is lucky to have not one, but two local co-hosts. Read on to learn more about these two important ophthalmic organizations in Hong Kong.4dcf3528-db0a-4469-8666-2814f82aa77c.jpg

The Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society (HKOS) was established with the objectives to maintain and upgrade the quality of eye care in Hong Kong and to foster brotherhood among eye care professionals serving the public in Hong Kong. As an APAO member society, HKOS is represented by Dr. Dexter Leung on the APAO Council.

b4f2532d-7cae-46ee-8415-9e07c4318f0d.pngThe primary role of the College of Ophthalmologists of Hong Kong (COHK) is to set and maintain professional standards to ensure the safety of patients and to provide them with the best possible medical care. This is achieved through structured training, examinations, continuous medical education and by influencing the healthcare policy in Hong Kong.